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August 20, 2007



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Dave Mullins

Its quite interesting that established vendors are now entering the BPMS space via acquisitions. There are already so many vendors that it gets very confusing.

We are a Micosoft shop and almost all of our servers are running Windows. We evaluated several of the BPMS products mentioned here and finally selected the BPMS solution from Selcian Inc.

We looked at Ascent, Ultimus & Selcian. K2 was not considered due to some prior issues we had with them. Recently we had started a project with them and it went bad. In short, it was a case of Over Promise and Under Deliver (& the constant crowing of "Microsoft is going to buy us", which it turns out they are saying for 3 yrs now !!). This is our second attempt at BPMS.

Some of the findings are as follows,
PROCESS DESIGNER: Ascentn's designer is essentially a plug in to Visio. Limited functionality. Ultimus's designer is hard to use and based on a excel metaphor. Selcian's designer is developed on .NET platform. Custom steps can be added easily.

BPMS ENGINE: Selcian's BPMS engine has a built in state machine and state management facilities. Its multi-threaded and uses thread pool for resource management. I am suspecting that Ultimus's BPMS engine is single threaded and so tasks can fall behind if many are queued at the same time. Ascentn is very code based and does not have BPMS engine concept. This is an area where they are least mature.

USER INTERFACE: Both Ultimus and Selcian support InfoPath forms and custom .NET UIs. Ascentn only supports custom UI which you have to write and integrate directly in their framework.

INTEGRATION : Both Selcian and Ultimus offer excellent integration capabilities. Again this is an area where Ascentn lacks severly. Selcian had an edge over Ultimus due to its tighter integration with MSMQ and native support for pre=built adapters for ERP packages like PeopleSoft, Axapta.

So we have decided to go with the BPMS product from Selcian Inc. Can anyone else share their experience with Selcian ? They do have a blog site at http://www.selcian.com, but I would like to get in touch with people directly who are using Selcian BPMS.



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