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May 30, 2007


David Novick

Oh, my friend, I was... many weeks ago. I read through the article and THAT BPM's problems sounded oddly familiar to THIS BPM's problems.

I bet the problems with most things can all boil down to the same issue... people are involved, with the best of intentions, yet, the worst of reasons.

As William Shakespeare once said in Julius Caesar "The fault, dear Brutus, in not in our stars, but in ourselves[...]"

David Novick

George Van Antwerp

Good point. I shouldn't imply that BPM doesn't have it's challenges, but I am not sure I want to see people quoting 75% failure rates yet either.

Robert Wilson

I am convinced that to successfully lead a BPMS project you have to have a leader who has a good background in continual improvement (lean, Deming, Juran, Six Sigma) and someone who has good technology development process (CMMI) experience. This brings together business acumen and it development.

Just found the blog - looking forward to participating.


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